Christian H. Hunt was raised in rural middle Georgia.  His first jobs were mowing yards in the neighborhood and as a paper boy for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Working construction jobs while in college, Chris knows what it’s like to start work at 7:00 a.m. and be sweating at 7:01 a.m.  He dug ditches, mixed concrete in a wheel barrow, laid pipe, and drove dump trucks.  He also worked summers and holiday breaks at Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewing Company near Perry, Georgia.  There he worked a variety of jobs, experiencing the repetitive duties on the bottle and can lines; he also bunged kegs, loaded pallets and drove fork lifts. 


     Chris attended the University of Georgia, graduating with a B.A. in economics.  During his college years, he participated in intramural sports and was a member of the rugby club. He received his J.D. degree from the University Of Georgia School Of Law.


     After graduation he went to work for a Georgia congressman in Washington, D.C.  While working for the congressman, he saw first-hand the negotiations and tactics used in the drafting and passage of legislation.  He was proud to have been able to play a part in maneuvering certain legislative proposals to final passage an enactment, particularly H.R. 1811, the Atomic Veterans’ Assistance Act. 


     After his time Washington D.C., Chris returned to Georgia and joined Georgia Power Company in its Risk Management organization.  As Supervising Attorney in charge of the workers’ compensation section, he handled thousands of workers’ compensation cases from all areas of the state. In this capacity he was called upon to review questions of coverage and a multitude of factual situations on a daily basis, from minor claims to catastrophic injuries including death claims.   He also resolved hundreds of cases through settlement mediations.


     While many employers focus on protocols to restrict medical treatment and allegedly create cost-savings, Chris never required a certain number of physician visits or therapy before a test or other procedure would be authorized.  He emphasized getting injured workers the right medical treatment needed quickly rather than wasting time on an artificial structure, which could actually worsen the employee’s condition because of delay.  


     He was also involved in creating panels of physicians for cities throughout Georgia and knows many physicians, catastrophic nurses and rehabilitation specialists across the state.  Given this experience, he learned from first-hand experience what employees deserve when it comes to managing and resolving their injury claim.


     Working closely with representatives of employers and employees through the Advisory Council of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Chris was involved in many efforts to improve the WC system for all stakeholders.


Chris is active in fundraising for the charitable organization Kids' Chance, Inc., which assists children of severely injured workers.


Chris is now focused on representing injured workers.


Chris enjoys golf, hunting and fishing.  He and his wife Lisa have two boys.




Contact Chris: (404) 680-5846

(404) 680-5846


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